Dr. Khashayar (Khashy) Rafatzand

Dr. Khashayar (Khashy) Rafatzand completed his specialty training in Diagnostic Radiology at McGill University, followed by subspecialty training in MRI at Harvard university.

Dr. Khashy has served as the director of body MRI at University of Massachusetts from 2014-2020, where he was promoted to Associate Professor of Radiology based on clinical excellence and education. He has been serving as the director of MRI value and quality at McGill University Health Center (MUHC) since January 2021, and as the chief of the radiology department at Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH) in Montreal’s West Island since 2019.

Dr. Khashy has completed Harvard Law School’s programs in “Negotiation and leadership”, “Mediation and Conflict Management”, and is a bicentennial graduate of International Masters in Healthcare Management & Leadership (IMHL) at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

Dr. Khashy’s vision for a state-of-the-art medical institution is the product of 1) more than 10 years of community and academic medical practice experience across multiple healthcare system, 2) formal training in healthcare leadership, and 3) the unprecedented healthcare challenges of the pandemic.

Dr. Khashy is the founder of ISMI.

You can reach Dr. Khashy from 8 am to 8 pm at: 514-418-3840, or anytime via email at khashayar.rafatzand@ismimontreal.ca

Team Khashy

Dr. Banafcheh (Bana) Hejazi

Family Doctor, Hospitalist, Aesthetician

Dr. Bana Hejazi, Assistant Professor at McGill University and Experienced Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Dr. Bana Hejazi brings over two decades of specialized experience in aesthetic medicine to her practice. As an assistant professor at McGill University, she combines academic rigor with clinical expertise to offer state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments.

Throughout her career, Dr. Hejazi has been dedicated to mastering techniques that enhance the natural beauty of aging gracefully. Her philosophy, “Being and Staying Healthy,” encompasses not only physical appearance but also overall wellness, addressing mental health and lifestyle balance. 

Dr. Banafcheh (Bana) Hejazi

Her holistic approach has helped countless patients manage challenges related to mental well-being, obesity, and aging. Dr. Hejazi’s extensive experience and compassionate outlook have made her a sought-after expert, often featured on television and radio to discuss vital aspects of health and aesthetics.

Darah Lecomples

Director of Operations

Darah’s personality is as colourful as her multi-cultural background, dominated by a warmth and cordiality that is unmistakably Central American.

Darah earned her bachelor of Finance from John Molson School of Business. Darah grew her passion for healthcare career in one of the most successful plastic surgery clinics in Montreal with niche expertise in reconstruction for breast cancer patients. In 2021 Darah became a bicentennial McGill graduate, obtaining her International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) from the McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

Darah is at once the face and the heart of our institute. She brightens up the clinic with her charismatic and cheerful attitude, and brings a warm and cohesive comfort to our team. Her effortless elegance is in seamless harmony with ISMI’s exquisite design.

Indefatigable and passionate, Darah is also the engine driving ISMI’s patient-centered operations. Darah found her calling for meaning in ISMI’s vision and mission, and the institute’s dedication to women’s health.

Darah is the Director of Operations at ISMI.

Autonomous Technologists

Sukhman Dhaliwal

Gloria Milagro Llocas

Tatiana Koulikovskaia

Louise Dupuis

Yarchin Chean

ISMI Nurses

Chrisite Beon

Nicole Freeman

Medical Secretaries

Elena Guerrero

Kayla Parr

Leily Lola Zafar

(…aka ISMI Angels)

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