Biopsies & Diagnostic Procedures

We offer a range of diagnostic procedures, such as breast biopsies and thyroid fine needle aspirations, using ultrasound guidance. We use specialized equipment to obtain the highest diagnostic yield for our specimens, such as vaccuum-assisted biopsy for breast lesion.

Most importantly, we will not perform a biopsy unless we find it absolutely necessary after review of all relevant clinical and imaging information.

Doctor performing a physical exam of a woman forearm at ISMI Montreal


You need a requisition from a healthcare professional for procedures. 


Dont’ have a requisition?

Book an in-person, no-wait consultation with Dr. Khashy

to see whether a procedure is the next appropriate step in your medical management.


Biopsies & Diagnostic Procedures

  • Aspirations
    • Joint Fluid & Effusions
    • Cysts (Breast, Ganglion, etc.)
    • Abscesses
    •  Seromas (Post-Operative Fluid Collections)

  • Biopsies
    • Breast (Vaccuum Assisted)
    • Thyroid (Fine Needle Aspiration, FNA)
    • Lymph Nodes (Biopsy & FNA)
    • Other masses