Breast Care Advantages at ISMI

There is no wait time!

You will meet with Dr. Khashy after your ultrasound for immediate results.

You will be able to recover after your procedure in our serene and quiet “relaxation room” alone or accompanied by your loved ones, before leaving ISMI.


You need a requisition from a healthcare professional for your ultrasound exams. 


Dont’ have a requisition?

Book an in-person, no-wait consultation with Dr. Khashy

to learn about the the next appropriate step in your breast care.



You do NOT need a referral for ISMI’s breast cancer consultation and risk assessment.

Our Breast Care Services

  • Clinical Services
    • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
    • Breast Cancer Screening
    • Genetic Testing
    • Advanced tumor diagnostics
  • Ultrasound Services
    • Screening & Diagnostic
    • Cyst & Galactocele Aspiration
    • Abscess Drainage 
    • Breast & Axillary Biopsies