Pediatric ultrasound

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Ultrasound (US) is the preferred first-line imaging modality in Pediatrics, especially in infants. Compared to CT scan and MRI, ultrasound has no radiation or noise, is faster, offers higher resolution and real-time imaging, does not require sedation, and can be completed with the infants/children in the safety of their parent’s arms.

There are many advantages to having your child’s ultrasound performed at ISMI:

· There is no wait time
· Our ultrasound technologists are specifically trained in children’s ultrasound
· You will meet with specialist immediately after the exam for immediate diagnosis, consultation and next steps
· We offer phone consultations to parents who cannot be present during the test
· We use state-of-the-art technology
· Our child friendly playroom and our quiet relaxation room are designed for your child or infant’s needs in mind, from playing to breast-feeding

At ISMI we provide a calm, welcoming and stress-free environment for the child and parents. We understand each parent’s anxiety and concern for the health and comfort of their children. You will be greeted and interviewed by our nurse. Our specialized Pediatric technologist will then take the time to explain the examination and your child’s journey. A subspecialist radiologist will complete the examination after the technologist and will discuss the findings immediately. You will leave ISMI with either confirmation of your child’s health, or with clarity about the diagnosis, with a detailed management plan and follow-up.

Pediatric ultrasound:

With timely access to ultrasound performed by expert technicians and interpreted by subspecialty radiologists at ISMI, your pediatrician can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and management for your child.

Some common clinical conditions best investigated by ultrasound include:


• Hip dysplasia and Spinal and other Congenital anomalies
• Brain problems such Macrocephaly (large head)
• Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis and bowel malrotation

Pediatric Emergencies:

• Abdominal Pain: Stones, Pancreatitis, Hydronephrosis, Intussusception
• Testicular pain
• Blood clots (DVT)

Lumps and bumps: 

• Skin and bone lumps
• Enlarged liver and spleen
• Other masses

Bowel abnormalities, such as Crohn’s Disease

Precocious Puberty

Expert Consultation

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