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State-of-the-art, advanced imaging tests are a new frontier in Corporate Wellness Plans. For example, fatty liver can affect young professionals in their 20s. This group likely forms an important part of your corporate future. However, fatty liver disease usually has no signs or symptoms. Liver enzymes are normal in a large percentage of patients with fatty liver disease (1, 2). Therefore, this potentially serious condition may not be detected by routine corporate health screening programs, even if they include periodic blood tests for their personnel. Non-invasive measurement of liver fat is now possible using state-of-the-art MRI techniques, available through ISMI. Other corporate advantages at ISMI include access to: To know more about ISMI’s corporate programs, you can reach Dr. Khashy from 8 am to 8 pm at: 514-418-3840, or anytime via email at

Please note that this assessment does NOT replace a clinical consultation with a physician, including your family doctor or specialist physician. Any decision on further measures remains an individual choice based upon a physician-patient consultation and shared decision making between the patient and the treating physician. At ISMI, we remain dedicated to “Each Patient All the Way”, and will assist you in connecting with and being cared for by one of our trusted expert physicians.

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State-of-the-art imaging tests are becoming the trump card of corporate health and wellness programs. As an example, fatty liver can affect young professionals in their 20s today, and this group of workers represents a large part of the future of business. However, steatosis does not usually present signs or symptoms. In a large percentage of affected people, liver enzymes are completely normal (1, 2). Thus, this potentially serious health condition is likely to fly under the radar of routine screening programs conducted in the workplace, even though employees are required to have periodic blood tests. It is now possible to assess the presence of fat in the liver using high-tech MRI, a service offered by ISMI. Other benefits to your organization include access to emergency radiology services, comprehensive health risk assessments and preventive screening programs using advanced medical imaging techniques. Click here to contact Dr. Khashy for more information on these services.

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