ISMI is a specialized clinic.
A special clinic.

We provide rapid access to services that are not easily available elsewhere,

with unsurpassed quality & exceptional service in our 6-time award-winning state-of-the-art facility.


We perform all general and specialized ultrasound exams, combining rapid scan & diagnosis with exceptional client service.

Biopsies & Diagnostic Procedures

We  perform all our procedures  with ultrasound-guided precision, without wait and without pain.

Pain Management

We provide a comprehensive approach to pain relief, from simple injections to complex nerve blocks: injections, aspirations, visco-supplements (gel), facet & nerve blocks as well as the most advanced PRP technology on the market.

Breast Cancer

A thorough suite of services including risk assessments, genetic testing, ultrasound & MRI screening, advanced molecular diagnostics & minimally invasive treatments for newly diagnosed cancer: All delivered by a supportive team who understand the delicate & complex nature of breast cancer medicine.

Prostate Cancer

Embracing a modern approach to prostate cancer screening & risk assessment, ISMI prioritizes reducing unnecessary biopsies & MRIs. We have moved beyond traditional PSA testing to welcome the advanced Stockholm 3 molecular blood test (Liquid Biopsy).

Fertility & Sexual Health

We are early adopters of new technologies such as Foam HysteroSalpingogrpahy (HSG) without radiation or embryotoxic contrast, Ovarian Rejuvenation using PRP, and non-pharmacological minimally invasive treatment of Premature Ejaculation.

Emergency Services


Live Longer

ISMI’s “Live Longer” plan is a comprehensive, patient-centered, evidence-based program that uses state-of-the-art & emerging medical technology, tailored to each individual’s specific personal, social, and spiritual needs.

Corporate Health Services

Benefits to your organization include access to emergency radiology services, comprehensive health risk assessments, and preventive screening programs using advanced  genetic, molecular and medical imaging techniques.

For Women

Breast cancer screening and diagnosis imaging, breast biopsies, obstetric ultrasound, MRI for pelvic floor problems

For Children

Specialized ultrasound for the children, including dedicated neonatal clinic.

For Men

State-of-the-art approach to prostate cancer screening and diagnostic imaging.

Dr. Khashayar
(Khashy) Rafatzand

Dr. Khashayar (Khashy) Rafatzand completed his specialty training in Diagnostic Radiology at McGill University, followed by subspecialty training in MRI at Harvard university.

Dr. Khashy has served as the director of body MRI at University of Massachusetts from 2014-2020, where he was promoted to Associate Professor of Radiology based on clinical excellence and education. He has served as the director of MRI value and quality at McGill University Health Center (MUHC) from 2021 – 2024 and the chief of the radiology department at Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH) in Montreal’s West Island from 2019-2024.

Dr. Khashy has completed Harvard Law School’s programs in “Negotiation and leadership”, “Mediation and Conflict Management”, and is a bicentennial graduate of International Masters in Healthcare Management & Leadership (IMHL) at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

Dr. Khashy’s vision for a state-of-the-art medical institution is the product of 1) more than 10 years of community and academic medical practice experience across multiple healthcare system, 2) formal training in healthcare leadership, and 3) the unprecedented healthcare challenges of the pandemic.

Dr. Khashy is the founder of ISMI.

Team Khashy

The Care
We Provide

Our specialized medical care is organized along complete disease-specific trajectories: “Each Patient All The Way”. Our state-of-the-art technology serves a patient-focused, prevention-oriented medical practice. We combine evidence-based subspecialty care with Canadian and Quebecois social accountability and sensitivity to reduce the burden of illnesses with highest personal and social impact on our society, such as breast and prostate cancer and chronic pain.

Need medical care not listed here?
Our partner clinics may be able to help.

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Comprehensive Integrative & Compassionate

The Institute for Specialized Medicine and Intervention, ISMI, is a health-care institute based on care, dignity and hope. Our Mission is to restore and preserve our patients’ peace of mind and dignity by offering compassionate and accountable state of the art medical care.

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& Excellence

ISMI brings together a team of highly trained, ambitious and motivated health-care professionals, sharing the vision of restoring patients’ peace of mind and dignity through compassionate, patient-centered value- and evidence-based medicine. We pursue with fervour our strategic principle, our credo, and our noble purpose of caring for “Each Patient All The Way”.

What Our Patients Say

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I recommend ISMI wholeheartedly ! I had the pleasure of experiencing the highly professional, caring, and inviting personnel at the ISMI Clinic for the first time recently, and cannot say enough about their wonderful service!

Dr. Khashy and his staff provided a calming, supportive atmosphere that I hadn’t experienced yet in the Quebec healthcare system. Every detail is considered to put patients who are getting serious diagnoses at ease:

My husband used the executive health service provided by Dr Zand and his team. I was involved in the scheduling of these services on behalf of my husband who is a surgeon with a very busy schedule.

Dr. Khashy and his team (particularly his nurse Rebecca) provided an exceptional, high quality and thorough service. While they provide a number of services, I used the executive health service they provide.

We were very pleased with your dedicated and efficient service starting with the Receptionist, and the Nurse and the Technician and then Doctor who handled us.

I didn’t even know such a service existed! Dr. Khashy and his team (especially his nurse Rebecca) provided us with exceptional, thorough and superior service.

There is definitely a need for more clinics like yours. Prior to being put into contact with you, I have been driving all the way to a private practice in Ottawa because I haven’t been able to find a similar level of service here in Montreal.

We need more doctors like Dr. Khashy in this world 🙂 Your compassionate care does not go unnoticed.